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Where to land?
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Cats on my Stuff
Going to be fairly loose with the rules starting out. Simply put, this is a community to post pics of cats, preferrably cute and definitely amusing, who like sitting on top of your stuff. Doesn't have to be your cat, grab images online if you like. You can even grab pics off Stuffonmycat.com if you want...but peek here first to make sure you're not posting something that's already up.

Again: You do not need to own a cat to post here!

Why this theme for a community?

The idea was put forth:


2007-09-24 06:17 pm (local)
Hehe, a cat on my stuff instead. X*D~


2007-09-24 08:34 pm (local)
If there was a "cat on my stuff" site there would be no end of posted images. My cat thinks the solution to everything is to sit on it. XD


2007-09-25 02:55 am (local)
Yours too?

Newspaper comes through mail slot: get as much of it down to the floor as you can manage, then sit on it.

Groceries in rustly plastic bags enter abode: drag off lightest bag (probably containing feminine hygeine products) to bathroom or out to balcony, then sit on it.

Visitor puts coat in hall closet: pry open closet with one paw and nose, climb shelves, hang comically from coat, call for help, fall down with coat as closet door is fully opened, then sit on it. Immediately lean back and wash arse.


2007-09-25 07:40 pm (local)
the last one is KILLER!!!


2007-10-05 01:54 pm (local)
um, there is a stuff on my cat site, and I has the calendar, too!


2007-10-05 10:43 pm (local)
Yes, I know. Perhaps you should read my comment more closely... Word order matters a lot in this instance.


2007-10-05 10:53 pm (local)
Why yes it does...I read it at the end of a long day at the end of a long week...Brain not functioning properly! How embarrassing!

Let's see if they were right!

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